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I have been training with Pete now for almost two years, and at 45 years old I am in the best shape of my life.  I have been a member of multiple gyms for my entire adult life, but never considered working out with a trainer.  So, when I first started working out with Pete, I didn't know what to expect, and after surviving my first workout I was hooked. Pete's approach includes a consistent combination of both strength and cardio, and in his professional and encouraging manner he can push you to give it your best with every workout.   


He gets to know you, understanding your weak areas and any injuries, and adjusts to ensure that you work those muscles without the risk of re-injury.  Pete's passion for fitness and people is what makes him so good at what he does.  He exudes confidence and gets you to believe in yourself, and you get to a point where you don't want to let him down, so you push yourself to complete that next set or next few reps.  As a consummate professional he is always learning, this is demonstrated by his follow through in that after a hard workout he checks in to see how you are doing, so that he understands the recovery process, and plans for the next workout.   


I would recommend working out with Pete to anyone who is tired of the same routine and is interested in real results. 



When I started to train with Pete I had 25 pounds to lose. I had been going to the gym on and off for years without much to show for it. I asked for personal training as a gift thinking this would motivate me.


It was clear from the first session that Pete is not like other trainers. I could barely complete a workout but that didn’t stop him. Pete demanded that I learn how to lunge while curling and hold planks for a minute without losing form. I complained A LOT!  Running, jumping, lifting weights, stairs, and body weight training.  One exhausting session after another Pete would push me to finish it all. In between the workouts Pete would text me about my food log which he reviews in My Fitness Pal. Mandatory weekly weigh in’s is where I discovered the missing piece has been my nutrition. Pete set up a meal plan that I followed and helped me set my own calorie goals that led to success. The weight came off and people walked up to me asking how I did it. Months went by and I would leave one awful workout after another yet I couldn’t wait to go back! I was addicted to feeling happy and confident. 


The thing I like most about Pete is he loves to exercise and he is happiest while working with you.  Pete always knows if you are working to your fullest potential. If you have an injury no worries because Pete is a master at modifying a workout that can still make you sweat. Three years later I still train with Pete and it was the best decision I ever made. 



I’m what you could call a yo-yo gym rat.  I joined a gym my senior year of high school and throughout college would go to “stay in shape” or try out some new routine I read about in SHAPE magazine.  After college I dabbled in weight lifting – hired personal trainers for six weeks and when the package ran out tried to continue on my own, but consistently I would fall off the wagon and would spend weeks without really exercising at all.  It’s pretty much identical to yo-yo dieters (which I was as well): a never ending wheel of torture and wanting to be in better shape, but never having the discipline to do so. 


After our one-on-one training sessions were complete Pete suggested that I try a group training session twice a week (it’s a little less expensive so it works for my budget).  I was a little hesitant at first because I’m one of those people who likes to work out alone (I’m a runner), and I thought I wouldn’t get as good a workout.  But it was either group session, or try on my own, and well…I knew what would happen if I did that.  The session was just as challenging and even though Pete was working with a group of us I never felt that he didn’t focus on me 100% of the time. 


Once I started seeing results and my muscle tone increasing, I finally “drank the koolaid.”  Now, I can’t imagine my life without attending weekly sessions with Pete. I feel better both mentally and physically, and as I get stronger Pete continues to push me harder so that I’m still improving every day.  Without him I wouldn’t be able to say that I feel in the best shape of my life….so thank you Pete for everything you have done for me!



I began working out with Peter at a local gym in Peabody. I began my partnership with Peter once I noticed how he conducted his class which is a high intensity heavy lifting session. Peter is a committed and professional trainer who truly focuses on your goals and has your best intentions at heart. He is extremely efficient in customizing your own personal routine for your specific body type. 

Peter makes workouts for both gym and at home in which he can ensure you are completing your set routine to achieve your goals. Peter is extremely knowledgeable and is always available to answer questions. He is always just a phone call away. Being able to work out with a Professional trainer it eliminates the hassle of crowed gyms and long wait times for machines. I feel like working with peter eliminates the ability to fall into the same routines that prevents you from achieving your goals. He truly drives me to work out harder. With this opportunity and great trainer like Peter there are no excuses why you cannot accomplish your goals.

I have noticed several differences in my lifestyle and daily routine now that I am working with peter. I feel a lot less pain throughout my body, I feel more pliable and have a lot more energy. With the format of his work outs I am more motivated then I have ever been to reach my goals.



 My name is Dov Glucksman, I will be 82 years young on May 14, 2019, It is my pleasure to say a few words about Pete Distefano, my personal trainer. 


I have been training with Pete for about 4 years and have been able to increase my cardio, strength, and muscle tone as well as my flexibility through well-planned routines that Pete prescribed for me. In fact, I never know what the next session is going to consist of, as Pete determines what should work best for me in each session. Our routine usually starts with limbering exercises and then proceeds into whatever Pete feels is best suitable for the day. 


In 2018 I went through two major lower back surgeries, which disrupted my training routine. As soon as I was allowed by my surgeon, I returned to my workout routine with Pete, who managed to bring my body back to nearly where I was pre-operation in a matter of about two months. 

Pete is a great listener and makes sure he learns and knows everything that he needs in order to determine the best workout for each of his clients. Pete knows and believes in proper nutrition and mind-set. Pete is far more mature than his 26 years. 

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